Selling your home doesn’t need to be difficult. At Citimax Realty, we have a team of real estate professionals with extensive knowledge and experience that will help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

As a leading real estate company in the Greater Los Angeles area, our professionals have sold thousands of homes in the region, and will sell yours as well.

We are passionate about our work, and put our best foot forward when it comes to marketing your home, handling every aspect of the sale, and ensuring a smooth transaction for you. We know what it takes to sell your home, and we will work tirelessly to make it happen.

We promise to listen to your needs and concerns, and to work with you in a professional manner. Together, we’ll create a personal plan to achieve your goal of selling your home quickly. We have a proven track record for success and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Questions to ask during your interview:

      • Agent’s Name and Affiliated Real Estate Company – This will give you a good idea of the agent’s experience level and reputation.
      • Experience level, full time or part time, experience in your local area – Someone selling you a home should know all about the area in California where you want to sell.
      • Number of sales completed locally for past 12-18 months – This is important because you want an agent who knows the market.
      • Number of sales completed for past 5 years – You want an experienced real estate agent.
      • Examine the marketing plan presented for selling your home – When you look at the plan, you want to be assured that it will be followed or modified to suit the needs of your home.
      • Compare the listing prices suggested – This takes work on your part, but it’s important. You should also compare the websites and other marketing tools of the agent.
      • Ask the agent how they plan to get the maximum price for your home – This is very important to you as the homeowner.
      • Compare the commission rate of each agent – Cheaper is not always better when it comes to real estate, but you want to make sure you are getting a fair rate.
      • Does the Agent appear to be excited with your specific listing? – Judging from the agent’s energy level and enthusiasm, you should be able to tell whether or not he or she is excited about your listing.
      • Does the agent have enough time for you? – If you can’t get your agent to return your calls or answer your questions, you certainly won’t want the agent representing you.
      • Experience with multiple listing services (MLS) and how they will be used – If the agent has no experience with these services, they are not worth your time.


Why a Realtor Matters

Only a real estate professional who belongs to the National Association of Realtors may call themselves a Realtor. Here are some ways a Realtor can help you sell your home.

  • A Realtor is knowledgeable of the market and gives you the quickest exposure to the maximum number of buyers.
  • A Realtor “qualifies” prospects for you, taking out the guesswork of trying to find a suitable buyer for your home.
  • A Realtor will set and keep a firm and fair price for your home.
  • A Realtor has the knowledge and experience to market your home effectively and to the right buyers.
  • A Realtor will negotiate the best possible deal for you.
  • A Realtor will guide you through the entire selling process with care and professionalism.
  • A Realtor will assist you in developing a marketing plan to effectively market your property.
  • A Realtor will suggest ways to “stage” your home to showcase its best features.
  • A Realtor will advise you on ways to protect your investment while your property is on the market.
  • A Realtor will assist in finding prospective buyers, including marketing your property through the Internet, print media, sign advertising, open houses and personal referrals. They will review the offer and present counter-offers in an effort to achieve the best possible price and terms for you.
  • A Realtor will also present you with an escrow analysis that will indicate how much to put into escrow to cover taxes and insurance during the term of the sale.

Overall, a good realtor will handle all of the details of the paperwork for the sale of your home in California. Additionally, they can handle the sale of a house in California in a professional manner and oversee all the details of the sales process.