Glendale & San Fernando Valley Property management

Leasing your rental property successfully means locating a professional tenant who will pay rent on time, constantly maintaining your property, and stick to the principles of this lease agreement. You need somebody who is committed to stay for over a year, since vacancies, renovations and turnovers can be pricey. Citimax Realty uses the most recent technology to promote your rental to the top of the heaps of listing sites, attracting the best qualified and long-term tenants. From advertising rental property to thorough tenant screening, we take a personal interest from the residents we select for your property, and guarantee them for the amount of the rental. Should they break the lease for any reason, we’ll quickly discover a renter to replace them, at absolutely no charge to you. We stay on top of everything! You can expect us to be good stewards of your funds, and you’ll be able to monitor all of your income and expenses on the internet with our monthly statements. We give you a convenient portal online that permit you to look at your statements, invoices, and other financial information at any time, from anywhere in the world

Additional Features of Citimax Realty in Glendale, CA

With extensive knowledge in landlord-tenant legislation, fair housing laws, and effective management processes, Citimax’s team of licensed professionals will be ready to tackle each the challenges presented with ownership and management of rental houses.

Professional Management

Great customer service is hard to find in the property management market, maybe moreso in the Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley areas. We take our responsibilities as your property manager seriously, and want you to have peace of mind in knowing that your house is in the care of professionals. Things can go wrong immediately for landlords when they are left to navigate legal issues and tenant relationships by themselves. We provide the knowledge and expertise required to successfully own and operate your rental home. We know the laws, we follow the changes in these laws, and we’ve got a method of policies and procedures that work. Working with Citimax Realty Glendale Property Management means not having to be concerned about late night telephone calls from tenants, collecting rent on time, or if you’re following rental home laws and appropriate processes. Outstanding Service In Glendale Property Management, we believe working closely with you to identify the needs and long-term aims for your house is your foundation to providing successful management solutions. Whether you own one unit, a multi-unit, or even many properties, Citimax’s professional property management services will save you time, money, and eliminate the stress involved with owning rental home. Professional Leasing Services with Financial Transparency. Choose Citimax Realty and Contact Us Today